Mulla’s Backward Logic


Once, on a journey, Mulla Nasruddin and two men stopped to eat their packed lunch. One of them bragged, “I only eat roasted salted pistachios, cashews and dates.” The other said, “Well, I only eat dried salmon.” Seconds later, Mulla held up a loaf of bread and confidently announced, “Well, I only eat wheat mixed with water, yeast and salt; and then baked at the proper temperature for a definite time.” Saying this, he sat on his donkey, but facing the wrong way. “Mulla,” the men laughed out, “you are sitting on your donkey the wrong way.” Mulla replied, “Don’t blame me! It’s actually the donkey who is facing backwards.” The next day, the men saw Mulla riding his donkey backwards again and laughed. “Actually,” Mulla responded, “This time he is forward, and I am forward as well. We are both facing backwards!” The men were outwitted by Mulla again!

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