Mulla’s Justice


Once, the Chief Judge was on sick leave. Thus, Mulla Nasruddin was appointed Judge for a few days as he was well known for his wit and wisdom. One day, a man complained to Mulla, “I was just robbed at the border of this village! It must have been someone from here, and I demand justice! The robber took everything from me–my shoes, pants, shirt, coat, necklace and even my socks!” Mulla said, “But I see that you are still wearing you underwear. So the robber didn’t take that, did he?” “No,” replied the man. Mulla responded, “Then he was not from here. I cannot investigate your case.” “How can you be so sure?” the man asked. “I’m sure because if he were from here, he would have taken your underwear as well. After all, we do things thoroughly around here!” said Mulla. The man went away meekly.

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