A Cold Winter’s Day


It was a cold winter’s day and Mulla Nasruddin was walking in the market wearing cotton clothes. Just then, a man in warm clothes called out, “Mulla, I am wearing so many warm clothes and still feel a little cold, whereas you are barely wearing anything yet seem unaffected by the weather?” “Well,” replied Mulla, “I don’t have any more clothes, so I can’t afford to feel cold, whereas you have plenty of clothes, and thus have the liberty to feel cold.” The man laughed and said, “You see; I have achieved an incredible level of non-attachment from myself–so much so that I may only think of others, and never of myself.” “Well, I have reached a more advanced state than that,” Mulla said, “I am so objective that I can actually look at another person as if he were me, and by doing so, I can think of myself!” The man was left speechless.

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