Mulla is Famished


Once, a religious leader invited Mulla Nasruddin to dinner. Mulla did not eat much that day. Thus, at the dinner, he was famished and eager to eat. Mulla’s friend who was at the dinner, too, asked him, “Mulla, how does one become wise?” “Listen attentively to wise people. And when someone is listening to you, listen attentively to what you are saying!” said Mulla, making his friend laugh. After two hours, however, the religious leader had yet to offer any food, and instead spoke non-stop about several religious topics. Mulla grew more annoyed with each passing minute. Thus, he finally interrupted the leader and said, “May I ask you something?” “What?” the religious leader answered, eager to hear a religious question that would prompt him to continue talking. “I was just wondering,” Mulla said, “did any of the people in your stories ever eat?” The religious leader got the hint and served dinner.

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