I Found my String


One day, at the town square, a group of people asked Mulla Nasruddin if he knew how to play the guitar. Mulla did not know. However, he replied, “Yes, I do. I am a masterful guitar player and one of the best in the world!” The people, who were expecting him to be boastful, immediately produced a guitar and asked him to play it. Mulla took the guitar and started playing only one string, and continued to play only that string. After a minute, someone finally interrupted him and asked him, “Guitar players move their fingers and play a variety of strings. Why are you only playing one of them?” “Well,” Mulla replied, “those players keep on changing strings because they are searching for a specific one. I found mine on my first try. So, why should I switch to another one?” An outburst of laughter followed immediately.

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