Mulla’s Fortunate Day


One early morning, Mulla Nasruddin was returning home from the neighbouring town after a night’s stay. He thought that it would be a good idea to take a short-cut through the forest. ‘Why should I walk along a dusty road when I could be one with Nature, listening to the birds and looking at the flowers? This is indeed a day for fortunate interests!’ he said to himself, loudly. Saying this, he entered the green forest. He had not gone very far when he fell into a pit. Then suddenly, a comforting feeling came over him. ‘It is not such a fortunate day, after all,’ he said aloud. ‘In fact, it was lucky that I took this short-cut. If things like this can happen in a beautiful setting like this, what might not have befallen me on that nasty highway?’ He pulled himself out and went home, thanking his stars.

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