Witty Mulla


One morning, Mulla Nasruddin was inspecting the ground outside his door. A neighbour called out, “Mulla, what are you looking for?” “I dropped a ring,” Mulla replied. “Oh,” the neighbour replied as he also began searching. “Where were you standing when you dropped it?” “In my bedroom,” Mulla replied. “Then why are you searching for it near your doorway?” the neighbour asked. “Because there is much more light here,” explained Mulla. The neighbour went home in annoyance and Mulla left for an appointment. When he reached the house where he had an appointment, he saw the man eating soup through a side window. However, when Mulla knocked at the door, the man’s son opened it and said, “My father went out and won’t be back for many hours.” “All right, but tell your father that the next time he leaves the house, he should not leave his head near the window!” said Mulla to the shocked boy.

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