Lesly, the ladybird had shiny yellow wings.

All the bugs and the birds loved her wings. Every morning, Bella, the butterfly greeted her. Clara, the caterpillar waved with a smile. Sadie, the sulky spider was in high spirits to see her.

Lesly was upset because she was different from the other ladybirds. “I want to have red wings like you, Mom,” she said.

To make her happy, Lesly’s mother painted her wings red. But the next morning, when
she was going to school, no greeted Lesly.

At school, Lesly sat all alone. None of her friends noticed her red wings. After a while, Miss Mayra came to her.

Miss Mayra said, “What have you done to your beautiful yellow wings? Your wings are special! These wings are what make you.”

“They are unique and special just like Molly’s legs and Siddy’s spots. These wings make you different from others,” she added.

Returning home, Lesly took a bath and removed all the red paint. Her yellow wings glowed again! ‘I’ll never have them painted again,’ Lesly thought.

Lesly realised that she was special in her own way!

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