Krishna’s Suggestion

Lord Krishna did not worry about being called a Ranchod. He said to his grandfather, “I already have many names and one more does not make any difference. I am willing to sacrifice my reputation for saving my people and their lives.” But Balarama wanted to fight Jarasandha. Lord Krishna gently reminded him, “War is not the way to solve all the problems. The confederacy of kings against Mathura is so great that it would lead to the death of countless people.” He added, “Why should My people suffer because of Me? The best solution would be to leave the city and go to a new place where it would be difficult for Jarasandha to attack Us.” He reminded Balarama that Jarasandha had already attacked Mathura seventeen times and he would not rest till he succeeded in his mission of finishing the Yadava clan. Everyone reluctantly accepted Lord Krishna’s suggestion.

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