Jarasandha’s Army

Jarasandha had entered into an armed alliance with Emperor Damghosha of Chedi, Dantavakra of Karusa, Rukmi of Vidarbha and the brothers Vind and Anuvinda of Avanti. When the alliance began its march towards Mathura, the Yadavas were helpless. The alliance decided to attack Mathura from several fronts simultaneously. Jarasandha then sent a message to the Yadavas, “Your clan would be spared if you handed over the heads of Krishna and Balarama to me.” The Yadavas refused and readied themselves for a war. Lord Krishna was the only person who repeatedly cautioned His clansmen against the war. He then hit upon the idea of shifting the capital from Mathura to Dwarka. Krishna placed the suggestion before his grandfather, King Ugrasena. He said, “Krishna, if You run away from the battlefield, You will forever be known as a Ranchod or the one who has run away from a battlefield.” Lord Krishna smiled at this.

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