The City of Dwarka

King Ugrasena wondered how a new city could be built in such a short span of time. When the citizens of Mathura were sleeping, Lord Krishna called for Vishwakarma, the architect of the demigods, and told him to build the beautiful city of Dwarka within the sea. The architect showed Krishna and King Ugrasena the plan of the new city, saying, “My Lord, the city will be built only if Samudradeva, the god of the sea, gives us some land.” Thus, Lord Krishna worshipped Samudradeva, who was pleased and gave them land. Soon, Vishwakarma built Dwarka, the ‘city in gold’. Lord Krishna said to Balarama, “This city, with a fortified fort surrounded by the ocean, will protect my people while we deal with the demons.” Then, Lord Krishna transported everyone to Dwarka. When they woke up in the morning, they were living in a beautiful city in the middle of the ocean.

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