King Midas’ Touch

Once, there was a king called Midas. He was a very religious man. Pleased by his worship, one day, God appeared before him. He said, “I am pleased with you. Ask me anything you want.” Now, King Midas had a weakness. He loved gold. So, he said, “Please grant me the boon that anything I touch will turn into gold.” God agreed and granted him the boon. Midas was very happy. After that anything he touched turned into gold. One day, Midas’ daughter came running and Midas hugged her. And lo! His daughter turned into gold. Midas was shocked and wept bitterly. He called out to God and pleaded, “Please take back the boon you had granted me and change my daughter into flesh and blood.” God immediately took away the boon and soon Midas’ daughter was standing before him. Midas was very happy and never craved for gold again.

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