King Kisra Anushirwan and the village Damsel

King Kisra Anushirwan once chased a deer and in his pursuit, got separated from his suite. He noticed a hamlet nearby and stopped by a door for water. A damsel opened the door and went back inside to get a sugarcane juice for the King, with some scented dust sprinkled on it. The King felt had there been no dust, the juice wouldn’t had been so tasty. She then told him she had put that so that he didn’t drink it all at one draught. Later, he asked her about the number of sugarcanes she used to make this draught, and she told him it was only one. Quizzed, he called for the village tax register and found out about the assessment to be less and hence, decided to increase it.

When later in the day he passed by the same door, he asked for drink and the damsel came out with water after a long time. She explained, since single sugarcane couldn’t fulfil his need, so she used three but which couldn’t give the same output as before. She told him when the Sultan’s mind changed against people; it affected their prosperity and goodliness. King Kisra Anushirwan was impressed by her excellence and married her.

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