Lord Krishna’s Disguise

As per Duryodhan’s plan, it was a win-win situation for him. Either the Pandavas would be eliminated for good or his dearest friend, Karna, would take charge of the Kaurava army. No one knew about Bhishma’s vow except Lord Krishna. He explained everything to Pandavas’ wife, Draupadi, and worked out a plan with her. Krishna disguised as a servant and went with Draupadi to Bhishma’s tent. He had taught her exactly what to say and when. Draupadi went into the tent and Lord Krishna remained outside. Bhishma was meditating when Draupadi touched his feet and asked for a blessing. Without realising it was Draupadi, Bhishma blessed, “Saubhagyavati bhavah (May you remain married throughout your life)!” When Bhishma opened his eyes, he was shocked! “Why are you here at this late hour? Who brought you here?” he asked Draupadi, angrily. Poor Draupadi lied, “I have come here with my servant!” Immediately, Bhishma guessed that was Lord Krishna’s doing.

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