How To Make Your Kids Smarter: 10 Scientifically Proven Steps

how to make kids smarter

Are you worried about your kid’s intelligence? Do you want some helpful formulas to make your kids smarter? Well, you have ended up in the right place. Keep reading the blog till the end and you will know the 10 scientifically proven steps to make your kids smarter.

As a parent, you would want your child to be smart, of course. In fact, sometimes when you compare with your friend’s kid you want your kids to be smarter than them. There is a misconception among many parents that they think that smartness is an inborn character. Contrary to that, it is something a result of the approaches a parent takes for their child’s skill development and grooming measures.

But the question that arises is who would guide the parents about this approach?

It is equally important for the parents to have the required knowledge to make kids smarter. They should also have a patient approach and should not rush and expect the results to come in a few months, or maybe in a few years. Parents can simply create an environment for their kids to grow smarter. Smartness is something that is embedded rather than implemented or forced.

Why is it even important to make your kids smarter?

Kids who are often wise beyond their years, stand out from other kids. Academically they perform well and if we take into account their future success, they are more likely to be well-settled in society. It is because smarter children exhibit higher levels of intelligence and reasoning. When a child is smart, it becomes easier for him to grasp things, and they often react to situations in a most positive and mature manner.

Just like adults face many challenges in their lives, children are no exception. Some challenges that children face –

• Low confidence level

• Fear of judgement

• Confused in deciding what to do in life

• Looking for some sort of acceptance from their peers

• Feel pressurized from the burden of the education system

• Low self-esteem

• Expected to act up to their ages

It is rightly said that Everything that you do or don’t do comes down to confidence.

What is the right time to adopt the approach towards the path of smartness? According to the studies, the human brain develops the most during the initial years of childhood. In fact, it is fully developed by the time a person is of age 25 years. So, the right time to adopt the approach is when your child is a toddler. It is the responsibility of a parent to think about the child’s development. The early the realisation strikes the better it is.

Steps You Can Follow To Make Your Child Smarter

1. Encourage Your Child To Read

Girl Reading a Book

Reading is a habit that needs to be inculcated in your child’s everyday schedule. There is no alternative or an escape to reading. Reading generates curiosity among children and only then do they start to seek answers. It is a simple way of encouraging the habit of digging up the knowledge. You need to make your child a reader as it is one of the most important steps towards the path of being smarter.

One of the ways to encourage reading habits is through activity books as it has illustrations, puzzles, brain-boosting games which helps your child to concentrate long enough to develop a habit of reading.

If your child is a reader early in life, he/she would be able to grasp the complexities of science, mathematics, history, engineering, mechanics, etc. in a better way and in fact more easily than his/her peers.

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2. Encourage Your Child To Talk

When you encourage your child to talk, be it about anything, they develop speaking skills. It is no doubt that when your speaking skills are powerful you tend to be smarter and more confident in life. A child without good speaking skills tends to escape from conversations keeping his ideas and imagination with himself and soon his brain abstains from curiosity.

3. Communicate With Kids

Every learning starts from home. When you communicate with your child at home, you are actually training him/her how to mingle with people outside. For being smart, one has to choose his words carefully, so while communicating every day with your child teach them what to talk, how to talk and most importantly when to talk. This way you would also be eliminating the possibility of making your child an introvert.

4. Teach Your Kids Discipline

According to a study, children who are disciplined, and with high willpower are more likely to perform better in class academically. With time they become smarter than their peers. Discipline means doing things with care and order. Be punctual and obey elders. Teach your kids to follow their teachers’ guidance. Train them to finish their homework in time. These small efforts can really make your kids smarter in long run.

5. Foster Your Child’s Creativity

This competitive world values ideas that are unique and creative. Creativity is a characteristic that endeavours problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It is no doubt that some kids are born with more talent than others, but creativity can be nurtured if efforts are made since the early years of a child’s development. Studies show that kids with better imagination tend to do better in their life.

6. Encourage Peer Groups

It is equally important for your child to interact and learn with children of their own age. A parent can play the role of guiding hand but in order for the kids to be smart, they need to make friends, learn how to behave with friends, and most importantly how to handle rough situations with friends diligently.

7. Good Food Habits And Healthy Body

There is a positive correlation between a healthy body and a smarter brain. Encourage them to have a disciplined life in terms of having proper food at the right time, doing regular exercises and having a sufficient amount of sleep. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, kids’ life has become confined to the walls of a house. In this situation, it becomes even more important to encourage exercise. One of the exercises that your child can do is breathing exercise as it enriches the brain with enough oxygen to work tirelessly for the whole day.

8. Problem-Solving Sessions

Inculcating the habit of problem-solving sessions are a great way of making your child smarter than what is expected from his age. This should be done in a fun way so that they feel their mind to be free. This would ensure practical solutions to the problems. Provide your inputs too, so that they become more aware of how such a problem is supposed to be solved. These case studies will help your child distinguish between practical and theoretical knowledge. In the long run, they would turn out to be too rational thinkers. Problem-solving is one of the crucial practices to make your kids smarter.

9. Appreciate Them

Only if you believe in them, they will believe in themselves. They will make greater efforts just to hear you appreciate them. And in this way, your kids work hard and become smarter. So, it becomes very important to appreciate and praise your child for even his slightest accomplishment. The support and encouragement of parents is the unmatched boosting element for them.

10. Allow Your Child To Take Risks And Fail

Parents should provide the right environment but, in that process, they should not protect their kids from risks and falls. Kids who don’t struggle or haven’t experienced failure tend to break down when they do in their adulthoods. The learning process involves all ups and downs experience. It develops them to have a “can-do” attitude.


It is from today that your child needs encouragement and support to become a smarter person. We would love to interact with you and guide you through the important phase of your child’s development. Do comment below to know your thoughts. Share it with your friends so that they can benefit from the facts.

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