How to Develop Writing Skills in Children

how to develop writing skill

As per research, statistics show that writing skill helps develop your cognitive growth, organizational abilities, and the power to influence others through persuasion.  In short, writing powers the brain.

Believe it or not, one of the most effective tools for humans is the art of writing. Expression of one’s thoughts can also be in the form of writing rather than dealing with the fear of speaking in front of the audience. But writing is simply a skill that needs to be developed starting from childhood with the right guidance.

Why Is Writing Important?

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In a world so competitive, basic skills like reading, writing, and speaking need to be the strongest. The foundation for these skills needs to be built since childhood. So, with simple activities like –

• Day to day diary writing

• Mind maps on boards

• Storytelling

• Playing word games like crossword puzzles

• Preparing grocery lists

you can help your child in understanding and developing his/her writing skills at an early age. Writing is important because it is intricately linked to critical thinking and developing this skill would be a direct contribution to a successful future. As a student it would be helpful in academics and as an adult, it would teach how to express oneself.

Sometimes students have trouble writing with clarity, organization, and coherence. And it can therefore lead to ignorance towards the art of writing or they might question their own abilities. It would in turn lower the student’s moral values. When this happens parent involvement becomes important and can in fact make a huge difference.

How To Develop Writing Skills?

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1. Encourage The Habit Of Reading

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Reading is a habit that needs to be inculcated in your child’s everyday schedule. The more he reads, the more he becomes curious about things, and the more he digs up the knowledge. Reading helps the child to expand his vocabulary, see the use of sentences, and improve spelling. It would in turn be quite helpful while writing. A child must be encouraged to read books that are full of illustrations. These illustrations develop imagination and critical thinking and so a child thinks of using new words to express his unique imagination.

The key to becoming a good writer is to start reading early and to develop a love for reading. It doesn’t really matter which genre your kid likes reading. With time, relevant books should be added to the reading list.

However, if you are looking for some best selling books for children, you can go here.

2. Provide Informative Materials

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It is completely reasonable to say that the better knowledge of things a child has, the better his writing skills would be. With technologies developing at such a high rate, there are plenty of resources and platforms available for gaining knowledge. These provide visual images which help in developing imagination. One way to provide information through visuals is the use of YouTube.

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3. Make It Fun!

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It is important not to force your child to write, but on the contrary, make it interesting and fun. Developing the art of writing through the means of playing games, doing puzzles and activities is what makes it fun for the child. Crossword Puzzles is a very good way of learning vocabulary. You can even ask your child to make a sentence from each word formed during the game, and then he should be encouraged to speak the sentence aloud.

4. Encourage Writing In Everyday Tasks

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Assign your child writing tasks for mundane activities like a grocery list. Or it could be in the form of a diary entry, writing letters and messages to friends, grandparents, and relatives, or greeting messages for a festival. This is a simple to-do activity that is interesting. When you appreciate kids for doing such tasks they are encouraged to write more.

5. Maintaining A Diary

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Maintaining a personal diary, wherein your child would write about his everyday experience, would not just encourage the habit of writing, but would in fact let him express himself more freely. It encourages them to develop a unique writing style and even teaches them, through practice, how to write about daily events in a more interesting manner.

As kids are sure that no one would be reading their personal journals, kids tend to use a variety of words for different situations. This goes a long way in improving their imagination and ultimately their storytelling and writing skills.

Here are some best writing books for your kids –

  1. Numbers Writing Book (1 to 20)
  1. Numbers Writing Book (1 to 100)
  1. English Writing Book (Small & Capital Letters)

6. Take The Advantage Of Technology

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Encourage your child to make his own blog or a webpage where he can write about topics that interest him. As we know motivation is what keeps us moving, so spread your child’s blogs using social media. When relatives, or friends would comment positive things on your child’s blog, he would be motivated to write more.

7. Encourage Them To Brainstorm Ideas

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Brainstorming, putting ideas down on paper, ensuring the language and thoughts flow and revising for typos and errors are all different steps in the process of writing and so these should be equally encouraged.

8. Find A Writing Partner For Your Child

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With time, writing alone can sometimes turn out to be boring, so as a parent you can either become your child’s writing partner or you can find one. Reading and then discussing each other’s writeups can be useful in developing a better understanding of what effective writing looks like.

Wrapping Up

Writing skills can be really beneficial for your child’s creativity and curiosity, no doubt in that. When children learn to write they are learning to express themselves. So if you are looking for ways to develop writing skills in your little ones, use the techniques mentioned above. And if you have anything to ask or suggest, please don’t hesitate to comment down.


How do I teach my child to write?

Developing the writing skill in kids may be a hard task. But you can make it happen by following certain steps- First, encourage him/her to write everyday tasks. Second, make their writing exciting by providing them with writing activity books available with us. Third, help them write something new every day to keep their interest alive in it.

How do I teach my child to write for the first time?

Give them a foundation book to help them write common words and letters first. Then teach them to write short and simple sentences. Gradually, encourage them to write about themselves and their daily routine.

What can a 4 year old write?

A 4-year-old is a preschooler kid. Yes, preschoolers can write if provided proper training from early childhood.

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