Hind, Daughter of Al-Nouman and Al-Hajjaj

Hind was the beautiful daughter of Al-Nouman. Al-Hajjaj came to know of her beauty and sought her hand in marriage. An amount of two hundred thousand dirhams was fixed as the amount he would have to return in case of divorce. After the marriage, he flooded her with expensive gifts and treasures. But one day, he heard her say insulting him and sent his friend Abdullah with two hundred thousand dirhams to divorce her. And she gladly accepted it. Thereafter, Abd Al–Malik wanted to marry her. When the Caliph wrote a letter to her if she would marry him, she replied that Al-Hajjaj should travel with her on a camel barefoot and also lead the camel. Al-Hajjaj could not refuse the order of the Caliph and travelled with her barefoot on a camel. All the eunuchs and the ladies jeered at him and made funny remarks about him. Then she threw a dinar and told Al-Hajjaj to pick the dirham from the ground. When he gave her the dinar, she said spitefully that she asked the Allah for a paltry dirham but he gave her a dinar.

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