Wazir of the King

Abu Amir, the Wazir of Al-Nasir, sent some expensive gifts to him along with a very handsome boy about whom he had told Al-Nasir that he was from the Allah. Later, Al-Nasir became the favourite Wazir of the King.

One day Abu Amir received a beautiful slave-girl. Al-Nasir thought that he would be punished by the King if the King came to know of her. So he sent some very expensive gifts and treasures to the King along with the slave-girl. The King was very pleased with the presents and the slave-girl and started giving Al-Nasir much more importance than before. But it so happened that one of the enemies of Al-Nasir poisoned the ears of the King stating that Al-Nasir was not happy to give away the slave-girl to the King and that he repented it. The King wanted to test Al-Nasir and sent letter as if written by the girl to come and take her back. But Al-Nasir understood the trick and replied that he did not want to take back the girl and proved that his reasoning power was very high and noble.

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