Glutty Learns His Lesson

Glutty the hippo, loved to eat, eat and eat. He was greedy.

He was a lover of food. He ate and ate and ate.

When Glutty was around, there was no food left for anybody else.

The kids in the school hid their tiffins. “Beware of Glutty!” they said to one another.

One day, Glutty was excited as it was his friend Bart’s birthday.

He dreamt about the food he would eat.

The walk to his friend’s house was the longest as Glutty could not wait to get there.

Finally, he arrived at Bart’s house. But Glutty’s eyes searched for the dishes.

Soon after, Bart cut the cake and everyone began eating.

Glutty was having a gala time too. His plate was heaped with eatables.

Everyone stared at his plate. But Glutty did not care. He ate and ate and ate.

Bart told Glutty, “Control yourself or you will fall sick.” But Glutty kept gobbling.

Everyone talked about Glutty only. Soon, the party was over.

Glutty went home very happy. But, something terrible awaited him.

Late in the night, Glutty started groaning and grumbling. His stomach was on fire.

His mother came running hearing his groans. She asked, “What happened, Glutty?”

Glutty replied, “Mother, my stomach is aching badly.”

Glutty’s mother got worried. She called the doctor.

The doctor said, “This is what happens when you eat a lot.” He gave some pills to Glutty.

Glutty cried. He hated eating the bitter pills.

He said, “From now on, I will not be greedy again.” Glutty had learnt his lesson, hadn’t he?

Moral : Never be greedy.

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