Ele and Her Grandmother’s Glasses

Ele was a naughty elephant. Her mischief was the talk of the
whole town.

“Ele! Ele!” cried the entire town. Do you know why? Well, it was because of Ele’s mischief.

She always played tricks on others. No one could escape her naughty eyes.

Do you know what she did once? Oh, she put a rubber snake in her friend’s bag.

When her friend opened the bag, he got scared.

Phew! Ele’s mischief was endless. Now, one day, Ele’s granny was reading the paper.

She wore her glasses when she read the paper. After reading it, she kept her glasses on

the sideboard and went away.

Suddenly, Ele, while walking quickly, knocked the glasses down.

Cru…nch…!!!! came the sound. To Ele’s dismay, the glasses were damaged.

Granny heard the sound and came rushing only to see her glasses broken.

She shouted, “Oh! What have you done, Ele? You are always up to some mischief.”

She thought that Ele had played a trick on her.

Ele tried to explain that it was all a mistake. But her granny would
not listen. Ele felt sad.

She thought, ‘My granny does not believe me. I will have to make up for my mistake.’

She broke her piggy bank and took out all her money.

Then she took her granny’s glasses and went to the glass shop.

She got the glasses fixed. Then, she went to her granny and gave her the glasses.

Granny was very surprised. Then, Ele told her what had really happened.

Ele said, “Grandma, I will never play mischief on anyone again.”

Granny was moved and felt very happy. And so did Ele.

Moral : Mischief makers are not believed even when they speak the truth.

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