Dukey and Her Umbrella

Dukey was a lovely duck. She loved the rain, come what may.

It was a lovely day. Dukey was sitting by the window looking at the bright blue sky.

And lo, as she was looking at the sky, dark clouds came from all sides.

Dukey jumped with joy and said, “It seems it is going to rain!”

She went running to her mother and shouted, “Mother, it is going to rain!”

Her mother sighed, “Oh dear! I have to go to the market to get some sugar but

I have not finished my chores as yet.”

Then she said to Dukey, “Please go to the market and get some sugar before it rains.”

She gave Dukey an umbrella though Dukey did not want it.

Dukey went hopping and skipping to the market.

On the way, she felt a few drops of rain on her face.

The next moment, it was raining all the way. Pitter…patter, the drops fell down.

Dukey was delighted. She did not open her umbrella.

She stopped to feel the rain. Splash! Splash! Went her feet in the rain.

In the midst of all this, Dukey saw old Mrs. Henny. She was shivering in the rain.

Dukey realised that Mrs. Henny was not enjoying the rain as she was.

She said to Mrs. Henny, “Ma’am, please take my umbrella as you are getting wet.”

Mrs. Henny replied, “Thank you, Dukey! You are very kind. May God bless you!”

Dukey felt very happy that she had helped Mrs. Henny.

She bought the sugar and went back home enjoying the rain. She told her mother everything.

Her mother said, “You have made me proud.”
Wasn’t that nice of Dukey to help Mrs. Henny?

Moral : One should always help someone in need.

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