Crystal and Her Lying Ways

Crystal was a sheep. She lied all the time. She never paid attention,
to what went around.

Crystal was a happy-go-lucky sheep. She always lied to get the things she wanted.

One day, she and her friend made a plan to go to the circus in the morning.

But, it was school time. So, Crystal lied to the teacher about being sick.

Her teacher felt sorry for her and allowed her to go home.

Crystal had a blast at the circus. Wasn’t that bad of Crystal?

Another day, she told her mother, “I will be late in school.”

She added, “We are having extra classes.” But, she was going to watch a movie.

Well, one day, her lies reached the limit. She told her teacher that her mother was sick.

Well, as usual, the teacher let her go.

This time, Crystal was at the fair. It got late when she came back.

To her surprise, the house was locked.

Her neighbour, Mrs. Beary, told her, “Your mother was taken to the hospital.”

She continued, “Come to my house till your parents arrive.”

Crystal was too shocked to say anything.

She had lied to her teacher and now her mother was really sick.

She said, “Oh God! You are punishing me for lying. Please cure my mother.”

“I promise I will never lie again.” And it seemed that God had heard her prayer.

Her parents came back after some time. Crystal ran and hugged her mother.

Now, all was well and Crystal never lied again.

Moral : The best liars often get caught in their own lies.

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