Buttercup Saves Smurf

Buttercup was a pony. She had very lovely hair.

She was courageous, in times of need.

One day, Buttercup was very excited. She and her friends were going for a picnic.

There were Dopey, the horse, Rover, the dog, Biscuit, the fox and Smurf, the rabbit.

They had chosen a very lovely place in the forest for the picnic.

It was surrounded by beautiful flowers and had a lovely lake in the middle.

Buttercup was in charge of the food and music, and Dopey was in charge of the games.

Soon, all the friends were marching off to the picnic-spot.

It was fun all the way. After a while, they arrived at the spot.

One could hear laughter and singing everywhere.

They started a game of hide and seek.

Everything was going well, when suddenly, Smurf slipped into the lake.

Smurf did not know how to swim. He started shouting, “Help! Help!”

Buttercup heard the call for help and rushed towards the lake.

She saw Smurf struggling in the water. She quickly jumped into it.

Buttercup put Smurf on her back and swam out of the lake.

Till then, the others had also reached the lake.

They cheered and clapped for Buttercup’s quick and timely help.

Smurf was fine. Now, there was no danger. Smurf thanked Buttercup.

He said, “If you had not saved me, I would have been drowned. Thank you, dear friend!”

All was well. Buttercup had done a good job!

Moral : Courageous people never think about themselves.

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