A Caterpillar Met its Match

Once a caterpillar sneaked into a hare’s house when the latter had gone outside in search of food. When he came back , he found the footmarks of another creature. Before going inside he asked, “Who is inside?” A loud twisted voice answered, “I am the one who had trampled the elephants and rhinos to dust.” The hare was scared to death and ran away to call the clever jackal to help. When the jackal heard the same voice, he too was frightened. The jackal ran to call the elephant and leopard. But both of them couldn’t dare to enter the hare’s house. At last a frog came forward to take on the challenge. All the creatures waiting outside laughed at him. The frog, however, croaked in his hoarse voice, “I am the one who thrashes those who crush the elephants and rhinos.” Now it was the turn of the caterpillar to get scared. He immediately popped out of the hare’s house and fled away. The animals outside were first surprised to see a caterpillar running away. Later on, all of them burst into a loud laughter.

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