Fox Fire


Once upon a time, there was a young and strong peasant. One evening, he came back home late. On the way, he passed the garden of a wealthy gentleman. He saw something bright floating in the air that looked like a ball of crystal. Astonished, he climbed onto the wall of the garden. There was no human being to be seen. All he could see was something like a dog looking up at the moon.

Whenever it exhaled, a ball of fire came out of its mouth and rose up to the moon. Whenever it inhaled, the fiery ball came down and it caught it in its mouth. It went on. The peasant now realised that it was not a dog but a fox who was producing the elixir of life. The peasant hid in the grass and waited for the ball of fire to come down. He, then, stepped out, caught the ball and swallowed it.

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