The Ball of Fire


From then on, the young peasant was able to make himself invisible, could see ghosts and devils and have contact with the world of the spirits. When someone felt sick and lay unconscious, he could call back his soul. If a person sinned, he would plead for him. This way, he earned a lot of money. When he was fifty, he no longer practised his art. One summer evening, he was sitting in his courtyard enjoying the fresh cool air.

After a while, he fell asleep. Suddenly, he fell ill and woke up. He felt as if someone patted on his back. Before he could understand anything, the ball of fire leapt out of his throat. The fox picked it up and said, “For thirty years you kept my treasure. From a poor peasant you have become a rich man. Now you have all you need. I will have my ball back.”

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