Fail to Recognise Tai Shan


Once upon a time, in ancient China, there was a very famous carpenter named Lu Ban. He was very strict with his pupils and wanted them to be dedicated to their work. Every now and then, he would get rid of those who fooled around and didn’t work hard. One of his many pupils was a young man named Tai Shan. Lu Ban kicked him out because of his slow improvement of arts. Many years passed by. One day, Lu Ban saw lots of man-made furniture in the market. He was curious to know about the person who made it.

So, he went around and asked people about the carpenter who made those pieces of furniture. Lu Ban was shocked to know that the person who made the furniture was exactly Tai Shan, the pupil whom he kicked out years ago because of his slow learning. Lu Ban felt ashamed of himself and sighed, ‘I was so arrogant to identify Tai Shan!’

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