Heart Has Completed Bamboo


Long ago, in China, lived a scholar named Wen Tong. He loved Nature and often went for a stroll in the gardens and forests. His favourite was bamboo. He often walked into the bamboo forest. He carefully observed the way the bamboo grew. He noticed the way the branches and leaves stretched from the tree-trunk and the details of growth during the changing seasons. Whenever the wind blew, the bamboo danced and played merrily. At home, Wen Tong would draw the bamboo. His bamboo-drawings became known far and wide.

People came from far and near to ask him to draw bamboo. Chao Buzhi was Wen Tong’s closest friend. Chao Buzhi’s greatest enjoyment was to watch his friend draw bamboo paintings. There was a young boy who wanted to learn to draw bamboo like Wen Tong. He asked Chao Buzhi to tell him Wen Tong’s secret. Chao Buzhi said, “When he draws bamboo, it is already traced in his heart. This is his exceptional talent.”

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