Plug One’s Ears While Stealing


The sound still kept drifting. He shrank back and covered his ears hard with his hands. “Hey, the sound becomes fainter, inaudible!” the thief became joyful at once, “Wonderful! The sound of the bell cannot be heard if the ears are covered. So, I will cover my ears so that they may not hear the sound of the bell.” He immediately got some bits of cloth, made rolls with them and plugged his ears with the two cloth rolls.

He thought that this way nobody would be able to hear the sound of the bell. Feeling reassured, he began to strike the bell again and again with full power. The sound of the bell was heard everywhere and finally Fan people caught the thief and beat him to the ground. The thief was still wondering, “How did they hear the sound when my ears were covered.” Everyone burst out laughing.

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