Duryodhan’s Brilliant Plan

Lord Krishna is considered one of the chief master minds of the great Kurukshetra or Mahabharata war. After He had manipulated Bhishma to insult Karna, Karna vowed not to enter the war till Bhishma died. Thus, Krishna made sure that the Pandavas were free of the terror of Karna for the first few days of the war. During the war, Bhishma was appointed the commander-in-charge from the Kauravas’ side. However, Duryodhan was very angry that Bhishma had not managed to kill any Pandavas. In fact, he wanted his best friend, Karna, to be in charge. So, he came up with a plan. “All five brothers are still alive even though you are in charge. You are biased towards them!” he shouted at Bhishma. This hurt Bhishma and he vowed, “By tomorrow evening, none of the Pandavas will be alive. If not, I will quit fighting.” Thus, Duryodhan’s brilliant plan to get rid of Bhishma or the Pandavs worked.

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