Man of Basrah and his Slave-Girl

Once in Basrah, a man had a slave-girl whom he loved very much. He looked after her very well and educated her as well. He spent all his time in merry making that all his wealth depleted and he became penniless one day. The slave-girl who also loved the man very much could not see his plight. She told him one day that he should sell her away so that he is able to get good money with which he could make a living. Though he did not wish to do so, the circumstances were compelling that he took her to the bazaar and offer the slave-girl to the highest bidder. The girl caught the fancy of the Governor of Basrah, Abdullah bin Maamar and he paid the master five hundred dinars. While he was taking her away, the girl cried bitterly and sang a song lamenting her plight. Hearing this, her master also cried bitterly and started singing a song unable to bear the thought of living without her. When the Governor heard all this, his heart melted and gave back the girl to her master who lived happily thereafter.

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