Adventure with the Lady and the Bear

Wardan, a butcher who lived in Cairo, was intrigued by a woman who bought a lamb every day. When he asked her servant about this, he said that she took it along with fresh and dried fruits to some place near the Wazir’s garden every day with the servant blindfolded.

Wardan decided to follow her.

She went up to the mountain and opened a gate. There, she fed the meat to a bear, ate some herself and slept with the bear. Wardan slowly sneaked in and killed the bear. She was enraged that he killed the bear. He made an offer to marry her but she refused.

So, he slit her throat and she died. He quickly collected all the gold and treasures. As he was walking out, the Prince met him and asked if he had killed the bear and the lady.

The Prince said that it was destined that Wardan would be the killer of the bear and the lady and as such the owner of all treasure was found inside the cave. He did good business with the treasures. Till date, the market is known as ‘Wardan’s Market’.

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