Confusing Answers

Once, a disciple was going to the market to buy some vegetables. On the way, he met another disciple. This disciple asked him, “Where are you going?” The first disciple replied, “Wherever my legs will carry me.” This answer confused the second disciple. He went to his teacher and told him everything. The teacher advised, “Next time, ask him what he would do if he had no legs.” So, when they met again, the second disciple said, “I know you are going where your legs take you. But what if….” Before he could complete the question, the first disciple replied, “Today I am going where the wind takes me.” The second disciple was confused again. He went to the teacher who said, “Next time, ask him what if there is no wind.” But when they met the third time, the first disciple said, “I am going to buy vegetables.”

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