221 Amphibians and Reptiles Encyclopedia

221 Amphibians and Reptiles Encyclopedia

221 Amphibians and Reptiles Encyclopedia by Sawan consists unknown and fun facts about the animals that can live both on land and in water and reptiles.✨✌📚


Zagrosian Lizard

Common name : Siirt lizard Scientific name : Sistrurus catenatus catenatus Family : Lacertidae Native to : North-Eastern Syria, South-Eastern Turkey, South-Western Iran (the Central Zagros Mountains), and some parts of Northern Iraq Interesting fact : They shed their entire skins every few days for several weeks. Conservation status : Least Concern These cold-blooded creatures …

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Tehachapi Slender Salamander

Scientific name : Batrachoseps stebbinsi Family : Plethodontidae Native to : California, United States Interesting fact : As a way of defence, they detach their tails which wriggle and distract the predator. These tails can then grow back. Conservation status : Vulnerable The Tehachapi slender salamander is dark brown with shimmering speckles of copper red …

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Strawberry Poison Frog

Common name : Strawberry poison-dart frog Scientific name : Oophaga pumilio Family : Dendrobatidae Native to : Central America Interesting fact : The males also contributed to parenting by carrying water in their posterior openings to hydrate the eggs. Conservation status : Least Concern            True to its name, the strawberry poison frog has a bright …

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Spur-thighed Tortoise

Common name : Greek tortoise, Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise Scientific name : Testudo graeca Family : Testudinidae Native to : Spain, Africa, Europe and the Middle East Interesting fact : The spur-thighed tortoise is confused with the Hermanns tortoise as they look alike. Conservation status : Vulnerable The spur-thighed tortoise can be identified by a conical …

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