151 World’s Greatest Inventors

151 World's Greatest Inventors

Sawan’s 151 World’s Greatest Inventors  collection is a source of inspiration for children, so we’ve put together our very own list of the Top inventors of all time.😍📚

William Kennedy Laurie Dickson

William Kennedy Laurie Dickson was born on 3 August, 1860. He was a French born Scot inventor who designed an early motion picture camera under the supervision of Thomas Edison. William Kennedy Laurie Dickson was an inventor, director, producer, cinematographer and actor. Dickson invented the first realistic celluloid film for this application (Kinetoscope) and determined …

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Vladimir Bekhterev

Vladimir Bekhterev (24 January, 1857–24 December, 1927) was a Russian brain doctor and also the Father of objective psychological science. He is known for discovering the function of the hippocampus within memory and Bekhterev’s illness. Furthermore, he is also known for his contest with Ivan Pavlov concerning the conditioned reflexes study. Vladimir Bekhterev was born in a village named Sorali in …

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Vladimir Davidovich Baranoff-Rossine

Vladimir Davidovich Baranoff-Rossine, born in 1888 was a revolutionary Russian-born French painter, inventor and an avant-garde artist. Apart from his excellence in Art, Vladimir Davidovich Baranoff-Rossine is also known as the inventor of the Optophonic Piano, pointillist or dynamic military camouflage. The first among these was a synaesthetic instrument invented by him in 1924 that …

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Ulugh Beg

Ulugh Beg (1394–27 October, 1449) was a Timurid astronomer, mathematician and sultan. His name also appears as Ulug Bey, (bey in Turkish means ‘chieftain’), Ulugh Bek and Ulug Bek. The grandson of the conqueror Timur the Lame (1336–1405) and the oldest son of Shah Rukh, both of whom came from the Turkic Barlas tribe of …

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Sam Born

Sam Born was an American businessman but born in Russia. He was a candy maker and also contributed to the invention field. In 1916, Sam Born was awarded with ‘Key to the City’ in San Francisco. This award was for the invention of inserting sticks into lollipops. Hence, he became popular for inventing lollipop machines. …

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Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel (18 March, 1858–29 September, 1913) who revolutionized the field of automobile by manufacturing the diesel engine. Educated at Munich polytechnic, he started his career as a refrigerator engineer. Persuaded by his love for engines, he designed many engines. In 1894, he filed patent application for the internal combustion engine, later to be named …

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Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon (1214–1294) was an English philosopher hailing from France who played a significant role in the shaping of the medieval experimental science. Born into a wealthy family, Bacon had received an extensive training in mathematics, optics, astronomy, alchemy, along with a profound knowledge in the classical languages. Initially, a lecturer on Aristotelian and pseudo-Aristotelian treatises, Bacon …

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