151 Grandma Tales

Grandma Tales For Kids

151 Grandma Tales is a bundle of love of the grandma with her sweet, mesmerizing and inspiring stories. Give the stories to your children and let them learn to read with a fun and interesting way.😍📚

The Well

Once, a girl lived with her stepmother and stepsister. One day, she fell in a well. But she found herself into a huge garden with a big house. There she saw an oven where rolls were cooking. They cried, “Take us out! We are too hot!” And so, the girl did as she was asked. …

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Skating Time

The children were excited. It was a great day to go ice skating. They were dressed in their warmest and thickest clothes. Then they put on their skates and were soon skating on the smooth ice. Some children were experts in skating. Fred could even skate on one foot. That was amazing. The children clapped …

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Dumb Idea

Jerry was watching television when he suddenly got up and went outside the house. He started doing something rather strange. With his garden spade, he made a deep ditch all around each of the young trees in the garden. As he was doing this, his mother came out. She was puzzled at what he was …

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The Safari

It was a bright sunny day. Zara and Wayne had come with their uncle to the forest. They were on a safari. They stopped walking when they reached a spring. Soon, they were eating snacks. Then they sat in silence in the forest, well hidden. They were waiting for some wild animals to come and …

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Missing Things

The Hodge family was puzzled. There were things missing from the house. Dad found that there was no milk in the fridge though he had opened the bottle a while back. Mother’s washing basket was also missing. Grandma’s cardigan was missing. Sam’s pillow was missing. It was really amazing, the number of things which seemed …

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The Shoe Box

It has become a habit in the Wilbur family that whenever anyone buys a new pair of shoes, they always ask for the box. This is because Tod is always glad to get some shoe boxes. He makes a number of lovely things with them. He needs the following items–poster paints, gummed paper, cardboard toilet …

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It was a freezing night. Steve found it hard to sleep in bed. When he got up the next morning, he was surprised not to be able to see anything outside. He was very confused about the mysterious blanket which seemed to have come down all around his home. When he stepped out of his …

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