Bunty and the Bumblebee

Bunty’s father had a farm house and Bunty loved spending time with the animals there. His friends were cow, horse and the little white pig. One day, Bunty noticed a big bee hive and called out, “Is anyone there?” Now, the bee hive belonged to hundreds of bees. All the bees had gone out. The queen bee, who usually stays back wasn’t in the hive either. There was just a small bumblebee who wasn’t feeling well and had stayed back. So when bumblebee heard Bunty’s voice, it was very excited. It came out from the hive and buzzed, “Hey, I am Buzz. Who are you?” Soon Bunty and the bumblebee became good friends. Buzz was crazy about honey. One day, Bunty was eating honey and smeared it all over his clothes and hair. Oh, it was Buzz’s happiest day. He buzzed around Bunty all day until Bunty decided to have a bath and scrub himself clean.

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