Benny Visits The Farm | Benny’s First Stories

Benny visits Uncle Dick’s farm.

Uncle Dick has a new cycle for Benny

Benny is very happy.

He rides around the farm.

Benny sees some cows in a shed.

He sees the horses in a stable

and the pigs in a sty.

Benny sees the sheep in a pen

and the hens in a coop.

He sees the ducks in a pond

and lots of fish too.

Benny stops. Oh, what is that?

It is a scarecrow standing in the fields.

The scarecrow scares all the birds away

so that they may not eat the corn.

Uncle Dick ploughs the fields on a tractor.

Benny says, “I want to help too!”

Uncle Dick takes Benny along.

Benny helps a load of hay on a trailer.

Then they go to the orchard.

Benny plucks apples and eats them too.

Benny has a wonderful time.

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