Benny Learns Not to Litter | Benny Learns About Environment

Benny’s room is dirty. Everything is on the floor! His mother is angry!

Benny cleans up and goes to school. He eats a banana and throws its skin on the way.

Benny’s friend Martha slips on the banana peel and hurts her back. She is angry!

Benny walks ahead. He eats an ice-cream and throws the stick on the road.

The policeman stops Benny. He is angry! Benny picks up the stick and throws it in the garbage bin.

Benny reaches late in his class. The teacher tells him to write a poem as a punishment.

Benny writes a poem. But he doesn’t like it. He writes again.

Benny throws the paper each time he doesn’t like the poem. His teacher is angry with him.

Benny doesn’t understand why everyone is angry with him!

Benny decides to visit his grandma. She will surely help him understand!

Benny loves his grandma’s house. The driveway is always clean and beautiful.

Benny goes inside the house. The house is spotless and smelling fresh. But where is grandma?

Benny goes to the backyard and sees grandma carrying trash bags to the truck.

“Grandma, I miss you!” Benny runs to her. “Oh Benny, how are you?” she hugs him.

Benny tells grandma his problem. She understands and smiles. “Your habit of littering is making everyone angry,” she says.

Benny now understands that littering is not good. It is easy to find things in a clean room.

Littering is dangerous. His friend Martha slipped on the banana peel and hurt her back.

Littering is illegal. The policeman had scolded him.

Benny goes back home and says ‘sorry’ to his mother. Now, he will keep his room clean.

Benny says sorry to Martha too. He shares his chocolate with her.

Benny picks up the litter from the street and throws it in the garbage bin. The policeman pats him on his back.

Benny will never litter again. He will keep his home and neighborhood clean.

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