Benny Holds A Contest | Benny’s First Stories

Benny and Sammy go to the park.

They meet many friends, like

Dodo the deer, Lippo the hippo,

Kitty the cat and Toto the dog.

Toto has a curly tail.

All the animals make fun of him.

This makes Toto feel sad.

Benny decides to have a contest.

‘Longest tail contest!’

All the animals are excited.

They have brushed their tails well.

Toto is not happy.

Who will look at his curly tail?

The contest begins.

Everyone stands in a line.

The tails have to be measured.

Toto is the last one in the line.

Toto’s curly tail is pulled and measured.

Wow! He has the longest tail of all!

Toto wins the contest.

He is not sad any more.

Happy Toto hugs Benny.

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