Mouth and Soft & Hard Palate



The mouth is a hollow oral cavity located below the nose and works in close coordination with the nose. It serves several purposes, such as ingestion of food, detection of taste and digestion. The mouth cavity has many organs inside it: it starts with lips and inside it, it contains other organs, like the teeth, tongue (taste organ) and the salivary glands, hard and soft palates and the throat. The tongue is the sense organ for taste as it has taste buds on it.

Soft & Hard Palate

Palate is the upper portion of the mouth near the back of the throat. It is divided into two parts: soft palate and hard palate. Soft palate is made of muscles and connective tissues. A small organ called the uvula is present at the back side of the soft palate. The soft palate muscles help swallow the food, by pushing it down towards the throat. Hard palate is the bony part of the mouth roof that separates the nose from the mouth.

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