Beauty is Skin-Deep

Once, a king was very proud of his good looks. God wanted to see the handsome king himself. So, one day, God entered the king’s court. He said to the king, “I have come to see whether you really are as good-looking as you think yourself to be. I think you are better looking at night than in the morning.” The king asked his courtiers whether this was true or not. But the courtiers had no answer, for the king looked the same to them at any time of the day. God said, “I can identify the difference which you cannot. Get me a bowl of water.” One soldier brought a bowl of water. God told the courtiers to look at the water. Then he took a spoonful of water from the bowl and told the courtiers to look again. The courtiers found no change in the water. The king immediately realised that looks are temporary and deceptive. He became a monk.

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