Alice in Wonderland – World Famous Fairy Tales

Alice in Wonderland

Once, Alice was sitting near a riverbank with her sister. She was getting bored. Soon, she fell asleep and in her dream she saw a beautifully dressed white rabbit ran past her. The rabbit had a watch in his hand.

Alice ran behind the rabbit to catch him. But the rabbit was very quick. He ran on and on without looking back. However hard Alice tried to catch hold of the rabbit, she could not get even close to the rabbit.

The rabbit quickly entered his hole. Alice too entered the hole. Suddenly, she fell down into a big hall.

The hall had many doors of different sizes. Alice saw a bottle on the table. A label marked ‘DRINK ME’ was pasted on it. Alice drank the liquid of the bottle.

And Lo! Alice became very small after drinking the liquid. Then, she opened a door with a key lying there on the small table.

She unlocked the door and entered it. Soon she came into a beautiful garden.There were many beautiful flowers in it. She saw a honey-bee sitting on a flower.

There was a room in the garden. A cake was lying there on a table. The words ‘EAT ME’ were written on the cake. Alice quickly ate some cake.

After eating the cake, Alice became very tall. Her hands had now touched the ceiling
of the hall. She began to weep bitterly and her tears made a pool.

Suddenly, there appeared the same white rabbit, whom Alice had chased hotly. The rabbit ordered her to eat the remaining cake kept there.

Alice became small in size after eating the cake. She came back in the garden and met a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. The caterpillar was smoking hookah. The caterpillar told her that eating one side of the mushroom would make her small and the other side would make her tall.

Alice tried to get her original size after eating the mushroom. Thereafter, she
entered a small estate. There she met a Cheshire cat sitting on a tree.
The Cheshire Cat directed her to the March Hare’s house.

Alice came to the March Hare’s house. There, she became the guest of a silly tea-party. In the party, there were the March Hare, the Hatter, a sleeping Dormouse and the
white rabbit. They told Alice many riddles. Soon, Alice became bored of the tea-party and decided to leave it.

Wandering Alice came to the Queen’s Croquet ground. Three live playing
cards were painting the white roses red because the Queen of Hearts hated the white roses.

Alice was invited to play a game of Croquet. The Queen, the King and their courtiers took part in the game. Live storks were used as mallets and hedgehogs as balls.

Alice then attended a trial where the Knave of Hearts was accused of stealing the Queen’s tarts. Alice was made a witness.

Suddenly, Alice’s sister called her for tea. Alice came out of her dream and walked towards her house.

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