The Faithful Gander


Once upon a time, a sportsman of Tientsin allured a wild goose. He was followed to his home by the gander. The gander flew around him in great sorrow throughout the day. He went away only at nightfall. The next day, when the sportsman went out, there was the gander again. It came close and sat near his feet. He was about to seize it when suddenly it stretched out its neck and chucked out a piece of pure gold. The sportsman understood what the gander tried to say and cried, “I see! This is the ransom to release your mate, isn’t it?” He at once released the goose, and the two birds flew away happily. But before flying away, they left to the sportsman nearly three ounces of pure gold. Animals and birds, too, have feelings. There is no sorrow like separation from those we love.

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