Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Aladdin, a lazy son of a tailor, never did anything for a living. One fine day, a magician visited them and claimed to be his father’s brother. He cunningly took him to a mountain asking him to bring a lamp from inside the cave with a ring and left him inside. When Aladdin, by mistake, rubbed the ring on the lamp, a genie appeared. He rescued Aladdin from the cave and gave him food, gold and whatever he desired.

Once Aladdin happened to take a glimpse of the Sul­tan’s daughter and became determined to marry her. His mother took precious gifts to the King. The wazir wanting to marry his son to the princess promised the King more expensive gifts.

The King granted him three months to fulfil his promise. Aladdin, in the meantime, tormented the wazir’s son with the help of genie, and married the Princess.

One day, the magician came to Aladdin’s palace. By trick, he took the lamp from the Princess and the genie helped him take away both the palace and the princess to Africa. Aladdin set out to find them. Find­ing both, he came back to China and was made King with the genie’s help.

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