Shishupal Meets with His End

Lord Krishna had promised His aunt that He would pardon Shishupal’s hundred mistakes but not beyond that. During Yudhishthir’s Rajasuya Yajna, Shishupal had crossed that line. Lord Krishna told Udhav, “I warned Shishupal but he is bent upon meeting with his end and I am helpless.” Saying this, Lord Krishna wielded His Sudarshan Chakra and directed it at Shishupal. It severed his neck from the rest of his body and returned to Krishna’s hand. Everyone present there was frightened as Lord Krishna had assumed His divine form or Virat Roop. They prayed that He calmed down. So, He came to His normal form and became calm as before. Lord Krishna had cut His finger while wielding His Sudarshan Chakra. Seeing this, the wife of Pandavas, Draupadi, came to His rescue by tearing off a small piece of her saree and wrapping it around His finger. Lord Krishna promised her to repay her loan of kindness in the future.

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