A Snake Saved Mulla’s Life


Once, a sage camped outside Bukhara. Many people went to hear his holy sermons. Mulla Nasruddin also went with his donkey. While preaching about mercy and love to all animals, the sage pointed at Mulla’s donkey and said, “Look at that humble creature which serves its master without complaining. Dogs and horses have even saved their masters’ lives. Does anyone here owe his life to a noble creature?” “Yes, I do,” said Mulla, “I was travelling across the Saudi desert with a large caravan. One evening, I went for a walk after meals. I saw a walking stick in the bushes but to my horror, it was a snake! With a scream, I fell unconscious and remained so till the next day. When I returned, the caravan had left without me. It lost its way in the desert and perished with no saviours. That’s how a snake saved my life.” The sage and the other listeners almost fell down, laughing.

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