The Glass Eye


Once, a rich man named Sallauddin announced, “I need a servant, who is well travelled and knows many stories because only stories can put me to sleep.” Someone referred Mulla Nasruddin to Sallauddin and he offered Mulla a good salary. Mulla accepted the job and his night duty began. He told true and false stories of his travels till Sallauddin started feeling sleepy. Sallauddin had lost an eye in an accident and had a glass eye in its place. So when he started feeling drowsy, Sallauddin would dig out his glass eye and fall asleep. Mulla would fan him all night and became pitiably tired, every morning. “You can also rest once your employer has gone to sleep,” One day Gulzan said. “That man is crafty. Before falling asleep, he scoops out one of his eyes and keeps it on a side table. It keeps a watch over me all night.” Mulla said. Gulzan shook her head, disbelievingly.

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