Allah’s Salary


Mulla did not have a steady income. “I’m doing Allah’s service,” he always said. “Then, ask Him for a salary,” Gulzan said, one day. Mulla went into a forest and prayed, “Allah, I offer prayers five times a day. Give me a salary with all past dues.” A cunning money-lender, Zafar, placed his heavy money-bag in front of Mulla and hid behind a tree to make fun of him. But a snake frightened Zafar and he fainted. Mulla ran home to Gulzan, screaming, “Allah has paid my salary!” Soon, Zafar went to Mulla and said, “Come to the Qazi’s court.” “But I’ve nothing decent to wear,” said Mulla. So, Zafar gave Mulla his dress, shoes and turban. They went to Qazi. Mulla said, “Qazi, this man is mad! He thinks that not only this money-bag is his but also these clothes, shoes and turban belong to him.” Zafar said, “Yes, they are all mine!” The Qazi announced, “Keep him in prison till his madness goes away.” Thus, Mulla saved his salary.

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