7 Best Educational Games To Inspire Creativity In Children From Early Age😍🎯

Best Educational Games

Games let your little ones use their creativity while nurturing their imagination, physical, cognitive, emotional strength, and proficiency in skills. It is because of the games that children at a very young age interact and engage in the world around them.

They tend to become more active and learn life skills which are very essential for their growth and development.

Games can impact your child’s life in a very positive manner if chosen wisely in their early years. They will not just perform actively in the classroom but will also become bright students in an overall manner. Their behaviour towards others will change and your child will know how to communicate and understand emotions.

1. Connectors- Mission Space (Skillmatics)

This is a super fun game made for your little ones. It is an exciting game of smart connections. It is an educational game where your child will need to think and link the game tiles and create paths crossing galaxies and planets. While going through this path full of planets and galaxies, your child will learn about the beautiful world of space while having fun.

This game will help in improving the motor skills and core skills of your little astronauts while whooping through the world of planets.

Toddlers will develop and learn how to solve their Problems easily in a logical way. The manner with Reasoning and Decision Making skills through thoughtful and logical play. They will love it!

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2. Think and Match

This is an innovative game made for toddlers. It will help in brain-building and will develop core skills like thinking logically and application of analytical skills.

It is a fun learning game for early learners which will help them develop concepts like problem-solving, concentration, logical skills, coordination and reasoning skills as it involves a number of tasks, questions and solutions.

It includes 110+ graded exercises which will make your child think out of the box and make him an active student.

This pack consists of 8 thick and laminated cards of good quality which have prints on both sides, with 14 curriculum-based ‘Task Sheets’ and there are 2 ‘Answer Sheets’ and an ‘Activity Guide’ which will help your child in better understanding of the game.

Each Task or a question Sheet contains 8 exercises from a chosen topic of a subject printed on the top of the sheet, and the answers are provided on the right-hand side in random order.

The player is required to find the logical solution to every question and put a matching colour counter against the same. When this is completed, the answers can be checked from the Answer Card to see if the resulting colour pattern matches or not.

When all the Task Sheets have been completed successfully, the player would have covered and practised 110+ exercises on important curriculum topics which will help him in academics too.

This will help your child in developing their abilities like good reasoning, logical thinking, and good observation skills while having fun throughout the game.

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3. Pipe Blocks Creative Tube Locks Construction Set (Sky Tech)

This game is one of the best sellers around the world. It consists of attractive coloured tubes which are to be formed like connectors.

Your child will need to exercise his creative skills for constructing a beautiful set of his own.

It is a very fun and exciting game that will keep your child engaged for hours and hours while he learns throughout the game.

Connecting pipes are used to create a number of structures. Each time a new structure is made by applying their thinking and creative skills.

This set consists of 75 pieces of creative and attractive building blocks that are of various shapes and sizes.

This game will help your child in developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, core skills and will also help in improving logical thinking.

This pack also promotes important problem-solving skills and focuses on the cognitive development of your child while your child enjoys the play.

There will be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which will keep your child motivated.

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4. Spin a Story Card Game (The Story Merchants)

A great way to build up your kid’s vocabulary and storytelling abilities in a fun and cool way. This pack has 90 story cards of attractive colours made for both girls and boys.

Creative and Imaginative Skills are promoted throughout the play. There is a Vocabulary boost and the language skills are enhanced in a comprehensive manner.

Your child will witness a sense of motivation even during class participation as there will be an improvement in his communication skills while polishing up his grammar.

A pack of 90 picturesque cards which will help your child in answering the questions like “who”, “what”, and “where”, is a fun learning game that will keep your child engaged. It will help in developing motor and cognitive skills in your child.

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5. ButterflyEduFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles

It is a very attractive set that consists of multicolour shapes of puzzles of various sizes. This will creatively engage your child at home and your kid will enjoy the play.

This pack consists of 23 Magnetic Shapes. Different Geometrical Shapes can be made out of these attractive and colourful magnetic puzzles.

It contains puzzle worksheets that are designed to encourage visual perception skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and logical skills.

This playset will develop children’s motor development, cognitive development of colour, teamwork abilities, artistic cognitive abilities, sensory cognitive abilities, practical abilities and boost confidence with a sense of accomplishment in your child. It is a wonderful pack and is loved by many children around the globe.

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6. Educational Jigsaw Puzzle Range (Alphabet)

The child will need to match the alphabet with its corresponding picture puzzle pieces and place them accordingly. The final picture is shown on the box, which acts as a guide for your little one to match and put the pieces together. 

It helps build visual-perceptual skills and develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Develops skills such as remembering, matching, sorting and problem-solving, Helps build visual-perceptual skills and develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, Develops attention and logical thinking.

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7. Educational Jigsaw Puzzle Range (What’s Opposites) 

In this game, one has to find the opposites observing cards carefully. Everyday objects and actions are used in these self-correcting puzzle pieces to introduce the concept of opposites. The final picture is shown on the box, which acts as a guide for your little one to match and put the pieces together.

The game helps build visual-perceptual skills and develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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Games play a vital role in your child’s life. It is a crucial step to choose a good game for your child for developing essential life skills in your child. Creative experiences can aid your child in expressing and coping with their feelings. Creative games also foster mental growth in children by providing many opportunities for trying out new ideas and exercising their skills. Children will develop cognitive and observation skills while experiencing a fun and learning games.

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